Sunday, August 22, 2004

Bold Peak, August 2004

Bold Peak (7522 feet), August 22nd, 2004

I headed up to the Eklutna trailhead (~900 feet elevation) one perfect early fall day to bike in and then hike up Bold peak by myself. I used about 6 hours roundtrip (1 hour biking in, 4 hours up and down the mountain, and 1 hour biking back out). Bold peak is a nice, easy scramble once you find the right gully system (Stiver's gully).

Part way up Stiver's looking down towards East Fork, Eklutna River.
Looking up the Stiver's Gully.
Local fauna.
Eklutna lake towards the West from high on the summit ridge.
Another shot of the Eklutna lake (from the summit) showing the Eklutna river entering the lake and also the small aircraft landing strip at the East end of the lake.
View looking into the East Fork Eklutna River and beyond.
Eklutna glacier and view towards the South.
Bashful (highest summit in the Western Chugach at 8005 feet).
Another shot of Bashful (perhaps I will have to come back here next year!). The standard route follows the rigth hand ridge line.
Looking down the scree field from the summit ridge ... hard to ascend, easy to descend.
Part of the boulder field leading up the the pass below Bold Peak is actually a scree covered glacier remnant.
The Mitre and Ovis Peaks in front of the Eklutna Glacier
Looking down the upper part of the Stiver's gully.

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