Thursday, July 17, 2008

Girl's Camp

Girl's Camp July 4th-15th, 2008

Dunja and Beate from Germany visited Alaska in July 2008 and for 12 days I joined them on a roundtrip of Southcentral Alaska. As the photos show, we visited a score of glaciers, camped in some awsome spots, did a lot of hiking, kayaked, and otherwise had a lot of fun. Enjoy the pics.

Dunja (left) and Beate (right) on the Matanuska Glacier with Mt Wickersham in the background.
Dunja playing on the ice.
Waterfall climbing in the summertime anyone?
Beate, Trond & Dunja on the Mat glacier looking down the glacier towards NW.
Gulkana river with mining debris (2 miles below the toe of the Gulkana glacier).
Rope bridge across on of the Gulkana river tributaries (no ... we did not use the four-wheelers in the background).
Toe of the Gulkana glacier with river coming out through 6 foot hole in ice.
You're looking at the Gulkana glacier. Not much of a glacier down low ... mostly gravel covered ice.
Camp along the Gulkana river bed below the glacier.
Gulkana river camp.
Root glacier (Kennicott).

Ice features on the Root glacier.
Ice climbing on the Root glacier. The root glacier (like the Matanuska glacier) offers excellent opportunities for walking and easy grade ice climbing for anybody.
Dunja cheering after "topping out" on one of the vertical steps.
Impressive and grand landscape on the Root glacier.
The Grand Canyon? No, just a 18" rivulet on the Root glacier.
Water fall on the Root glacier. I tried climbing this with a single axe, but got instantly drenched and lost heart.
Beate and Dunja with the little water-fall in the background.
Kennecott mines.
Camp along the Kennicott river.
Best campsite in the world? Donoho peak in the middle back-ground and the Blackburn massif in the center-left background.
Old cable car tower leading up to the Bonanze mine.
On the way up to the Bonanza mine.
THe Bonanza mine in dillapidated condition.
A lot of scrap iron laying around.
Blue and green minerals show evidence of high copper concentrations
Copper rich rock in abundance.
Worthington glacier in the mist with Girls Peak on the left (foremost peak on the left)
On the water taxi from Whittier to Culross Island
Kayaking in the Culross Passage
Calm waters in the bay with our campsite on the South end of Culross Island
The mosquitos and "white-socks" (small black flies) were extremely bad at this campsite and this time in July
Dunja showing proper food storage for camping in Alaska
Trond kayaking the Culross Passage
Hiking up the Exit Glacier trail to the Harding icefield
The Harding Icefield ... very impressive!
Ring around the sun ... lots of ice crystals in the atmosphere ... predictor of upcoming precipitation (and we did get rain that night and the next day).
Phenomenal lunch spot overlooking the Resurrection river far below.
The "tour-guide"
True Prince William Sound bush-whacking on our way up the Ridge Trail in the Katchemak bay area.
The bush-whacking was all worth it ... here a beautiful view of the Grewingk glacier
On the way down we crossed the path of a large black bear ... we kick him out a little later.
Camp by the Grewingk glacier terminus. Bagels anyone?
Artwork or laundry?
Camp at Grewingk glacier.

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