Monday, September 1, 2008

Hatcher Pass - Bald Mountain

Hatcher Pass - Bald Mnt, September 1st, 2008
Highpoint: Bald Mountain, elevation 4902 feet.

On a cold and rainy Sunday (seems like there were a lot of them this summer) I headed North to Hatcher Pass and sunshine. I had to collect orienteering controls that had been left out since last year's mountain-O. Hatcher Pass had blue skies and ripe blue-berries. I decided to add Bald Mountain to the day's itinerary.

Jose Salas at one of the orienteering controls, September 2007.
I started from the Hatcher Pass road, about 2 miles West of the summit and headed up the tundra towards the Bald Mountain ridge. The route is shown below.
The weather to the South was dark and rainy ....
while to the North it was blue skies and sunshine.
Looking up towards Bald Mnt ridge across a beaver pond.
Mount McKinley to the North (~120 miles away).
Looking down the Grubstake Gulch where mining activities are still going strong.
Bald Mountain (elev. 4902 feet)
Fall colors on the tundra.
Panorama from the Bald Mnt ridge looking north.

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