Monday, July 5, 2010


Hurdygurdy (5965 ft) July 5th, 2010

So what is a Hurdygurdy anyway?   For us peakbaggers in Alaska, Hurdygurdy is a peak in the South Fork Eagle River drainage, part of the peaks named after musical instruments and terms.  I found just the right weather window on July 5th to fit in an 8 hour roundtrip to climb Hurdygurdy.

Approach to Hurdygurdy in the South Fork Eagle River valley above Eagle lake.

Gorgeous hidden valley leading to Hurdygurdy ridge.

Rock bands protecting the upper part of Hurdygurdy (people smarter than me should continue to the ridge and follow the ridge rather than trying to breach the rock bands ... I ended up doing some sketchy scrambling and snow gullies without proper tools or protection).

Upper Hurdygurdy from false peak to the West of Hurdygurdy.

Cantata, Calliope, and Flute glacier (right to left) from Hurdygurdy summit.

Eagle peak from Hurdygurdy summit.

Eastward looking panorama from Hurdygurdy. Left to right: Eagle peak, Organ Mt, Flute glacier, Calliope, Cantana and Triangle peaks.

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Tara Henry said...

Hi Trond,
It looks like you did Hurdygurdy via the hanging valley route. I was thinking about going via up and over Harp Mountain. Have you also went this way? Know anyone who has? Just looking for thoughts/experience with this route. Thanks. Tara