Saturday, March 26, 2011

Indian to Arctic

On the spur of the moment and with a good weather forecast, Per Arne and I decided on Friday evening to ski the Arctic to Indian trail the next day.  To simplify the logistics, Per Arne started at the Arctic (North) end and I skied from the Indian (South) end.  We met at the middle and exchanged car keys. 

I have done the Arctic to Indian traverse many times before, but always as touring with a group of people.  This time I decided to make it a workout.  Going fairly light but with back-country skies, I used 3:45 on the roughly 20 mile traverse.  Rode Multigrade wax gave good grip all the way except the last hills up to the Arctic Valley trailhead.  A blue-bell day, about 25 degrees F at the start, and 2 inches of fresh powder at the pass made it a fantastic traverse.

Map of the Arctic to Indian traverse

Looking up Indian valley early in the morning.  The mountain in the mist is Avalanche Peak.

View of Turnagain Arm from high in the Indian Valley.

Powerline Pass with Homocide Peak on the left and Avalanche Peak on the right.  One of my favorite crust-ski gully is the right-hand gully leading down from the low-point on Powerline Pass.

Halfway across I met up with Per Arne for a brief rest stop and exchange of car-keys.

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