Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Portage Lake - Burns Glacier 02 May 2012

Portage Lake - Burns Glacier 02 May 2012
Brad Cruz & Trond Jensen
28 km, 2:30

An early morning crust ski with bomber crust and blue sky, but severly cold and windy at the top of the Burns glacier.  I had to be really careful not to get blown off of the pass and into the Blackstone Bay 2300 ft below.

Portage Lake with Mount Maynard in the center; Portage Pass right of center.

GPS track acoss Portage Lake and up the Burns Glacier.

An obligatory stop at the toe of the Portage Glacier.

One feels small when presented with the Portage Glacier.

Heading up the Burns Glacier towards the confluence of the Burns and the Whittier glaciers.

The view down the Burns Glacier on the return trip.

The access to the Burns Glacier is not difficult.  Steep in parts, but no crevasses or ice-falls to negotiate, only bomber crust.

Looking out over the Blackstone Bay with the Willard Island in the center, viewed Eastward from the top of the Burns Glacier.  The mountains beyod the Blackstone Bay form the Western part of the Prince William Sound.


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