Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ship Creek Hill

Ship Creek Hill, 3845 feet
October 13th, 2012, with Per Arne Pedersen
7 hours roundtrip, 20 kms (12.5 miles), 5760 feet total vertical gain

One more mountain hike before winter sets in.  Per and I headed out from Stuckagain Heights early morning on October 15th, hoping the weather would hold long enough for a roundtrip to Ship Creek Hill.  Ship Creek Hill is a true summit in the ridge from Temptation Peak.  We took the easy trail to the Dome and then headed down across the South Fork of Chester Creek and then up and over a low pass that I like to call Snowhawk Pass, elevation 2475 feet.  From there we crossed Snowhawk Valley and Snowhawk Creek before heading up to Ship Creek Hill.  The return followed basically the same route. 

This is a great day hike.  Most of the hike is above timberline, and if you pick your route well you can avoid most of the brush.  However, crossing Snowhawk Creek can be a challenge, especially after big rains like we'd experienced all through September and October. 

Ship Creek Hill (second peak from the left) as seen from Snowhawk Pass

Per heading up the easy slopes towards Ship Creek Hill. 

Summit photo of Trond and Per.

Moose rub.

How to cross a freezing creek? ....
.... not exactly, but your way works too Per.

Snowhawk Creek in late fall shroud.

If it snows more now, I might as well put on my skis.

North to East panorama from Snowhawk Pass. Ship Creek Hill is second peak from the left. The highpoint in the right center is Temptation Peak. On the right are the Tikishla and Kanchee Peaks

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