Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nancy Lakes Snowmachine Trail Ski

Nancy Lakes Snowmachine Trail Ski with Brad Cruz, April 14th
52 kilometers (33 miles)

With crust ski conditions still not in season, Brad Cruz and I decided to head up to Nancy Lakes to ski some of the snow machine trails.  We started from mile 2.5 at the Nancy Lakes highway and skied in to South Rolly Lake campground along the road.  From we skied south across Red Shirt Lake and Cow Lake.  We then took a small detour to check out the conditions along the Iron Dog trail.  This trail was in great shape and would be excellent for a longer ski.  We headed back to the Cow Lake trail (single track) which we double poled over to the East Butterfly lake.  From there we headed north along the Nancy Lakes canoe trail across Buckley Lake #1, Candle Stick lake, Echo Ponds, Lynx Lake, Charr Lake, Owl Lake, James Lake, Chicken Lake, Big and Little Noluck Lakes, and finally Tanaina Lake.

Conditions were great on the way out; hardpacked and wide snow machine trails.  The conditions were not so good on the way back.  Only narrow and old snow machine trails made for a lot of double poling.

 Nancy Lakes hgwy trailhead.  It promises to be a glorious day
 On the Big Lake Snowmachine Trail system.  The trails are well marked

Trond on the Iron Dog trail with Mt Susitna in the background
 Iron Dog trail panorama
Done!  Tanaina lake in the background.

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