Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Turnagain Pass Crust Ski May 2008

Turnagain Pass Crust Ski
May 26th and 27th, 2008
Lyons Creek, Center Ridge and Tincan Creek
with Tim Miller, Chrissy May and Trond Flagstad

Trond Flagstad and I headed up Lyons Creek at 9 am on Memorial Day, 2008, with Chrissy May and Tim Miller whom we ran into at the parking lot. The day before I caught up with Tim Miller half way up Lyons Creek. Both days, we had the entire area to ourselves. Amazing that no more people are out enjoying this paradise. Temperatures overnight had been in the low 30's and the crust had set up perfectly. We had good crust skiing until almost noon.

Trond Flagstad, Tim Miller and Chrissy May heading up Lyons Creek

Trond Flagstad granny-skating up a steep section

Tim Miller and myself heading up the upper Lyons Creek drainage ...

.... for a promise of perfect S-turns

Upper Tincan Valley

On top of Center Ridge

Enjoying the rays on Center Ridge

Tincan Valley on the left, Center Ridge middle and Lyons Creek on the right.

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