Sunday, June 15, 2008

Penguin Peak June 15th 2008

Penguin Peak (4305 feet) in the Chugach Mountains along the Turnagain Arm. Hiked up and skied down (to around 800 ft elevation) on June 15th, 2008.

Penguin Peak on a clear day (back in 2006) as seen from Indianhouse Mountain across Bird Ridge.
Today was not a clear day (thick fog above the old radio tower) but the snow was good from the summit all the way down to about 800 feet elevation (a continuous snow decent of 3500 feet on June 15th!).
The snow was firm enough to hike straight up on running shoes (much easier than skinning).
Looking down the avalanche shute (to be skied on the way down).
The old radio tower in the fog.
On the summit (not much to see).
Better watch where you step around here (huge, unstable cornices).
Looking down the summit ridge ... visibility of about 30 feet made skiing difficult. Avalanche prone snow which felt and flowed like concrete made it even more fun.
At the bottom of the avalanche shute (~800 feet elevation).

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