Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Powerline Crust Skiing April 2009

Powerline Valley Crust Ski, April 21st, 2009

On this Tuesday moring I headed out for the first real crust ski of the year. The conditions in the Powerline Valley are quite decent considering the less than average snowpack, Redoubt volcanic ash, and recent wind events.

This panorama shows the Powerline Valley looking West. The photo is taken from above Green Lake. In the center is Peak 4630 and right of that is the East face of Ptarmigan. Anchorage can be seen in the far distance at the right hand side of the panorama.

Redoubt volcanic ash seen here along the South Fork of the Campbell Creek.
More volcanic ash. Recent wind event had concentrated the ash in low spots. The skiing was quite decent as long as one stayed away from these ash-traps.
The Ptarmigans were out in force this morning.
The Ptarmigan Peak S-Couloir.

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