Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oosik - March 2009

The Oosik Classic ~50 km Classic Ski Race
Talkeetna, March 21st, 2009

Even though I had a torn MCL and messed up miniscus from my accident on the Arctic to Indian traverse a week ago, I decided to try the Oosik classic anyway. In my 7 years in Alaska, I have never missed an Oosik. And since the race was hald on the rivers and marshes North of Talkeetna (much of the race was actually on the Chulitna river) it was very flat and conducive to double-poling so I wouldn't have to use my bad leg much.

We had a blue bell day with views of Mt. McKinley, Foraker and the Alaska Range from much of the course as you can see. It was so nice that after the race I headed back out on the course with my camera to capture a few pictures.
Oosik King Trond Flagstad with Oosik Prince Vebjoern.
Mt McKinley.
Hunter and Mt McKinley seen from the race course.
Foraker, Hunter and Mt McKinley

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