Friday, July 20, 2012

The Beak

The Beak (4730 ft), Chugach National Park, July 20th, 2012
27 km (17 miles), 2620 m (8590 ft) total elevation gain.  8 hours roundtrip.

So far, it's been a summer with few opportunities for peak-bagging.  It seems like the few nice days we've had have been  mid-week while the weekends have been socked in.  Finally, on Friday, July 20th, I got away to climb The Beak (4730 ft) from the Bird Ridge.

The route follows the Bird Ridge and then traverses counterclockwise around The Beak to attain the north ridge.  All other routes seem to include some level of rock-climbing the Chugach crud.  The North ridge is an easy grass ridge to the summit ridge where I had to descend about 100 ft to the East off of the very narrow summit ridge before gaining the summit proper.

Bird Ridge Overlook (4625 ft) left and The Beak (4730 ft) right.

The Beak.  My route traversed from left to right in front of the peak to gain the right side col.  I then traversed around back on sheep trails at the 4200 ft level until I got to the North ridge which provided easy access to the summit ridge.

Looking back at the Bird Ridge Overlook and Turnagain Arm from the summit of The Beak.

Three peaks directly North of the Beak, namely Shamans Dome (far left) at 4010ft, The Wing (center) at 4930 ft and the Tail Feather Peak (slightly right of center) at 4960 ft.

Bird's Eye Peak (4970 ft)

Self porttrait at the summit of The Beak.

Northern panorama from The Beak.  From left to right are Mnt Williwaw, Koktoya, East and West Tenaina, Temptation, Shaman's Dome, The Wing, Tail Feather Peak, Bird's Eye Peak.  Behind Bird's Eye Peak are the Triangle, Concerto, Calliope, Eagle, Organ and Polar Bear peaks with Mnt Yukla in the far distance.

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